Creating a fully multiplayer TicTacToe on Plynd


This series of posts covers how to create a fully multiplayer TicTacToe game on Plynd. We will obtain at the end a TicTacToe game, synchronized in realtime with Plynd servers.

If you want to know more about Plynd and its mission, you can visit our site.

If you think that TicTacToe is annoying and you’d rather play an exciting game, you can check out Arms Race and play Risk with people from the 5 continents!


At the end of this series of posts, you will know everything needed to build a great asynchronous game on Plynd. There are the code sources on github for each of the blog posts.

You can follow them in order, or go directly to the posts that interest you the most:

  1. Setup and publish the skeleton of your application - 5 minutes
  2. Setup the development environment - 5 minutes
  3. Read the game state and display information about the players - 30 minutes
  4. Update the game state with events - 1 hour
  5. Put the update logic server-side - 30 minutes

The first 2 posts explain how the SDK works and how to properly configure it.
The 3rd and 4th post are enough in order to make a TicTacToe game.
The 5th post is more advanced and show how to prevent cheats by using Plynd server functions.

We hope you’ll enjoy this series!
Don’t hesitate to ask all your questions via the comments section or directly to